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News, Vids, Sketches, and Music Videos

JUST SAYIN' w/ Jack Hubert (2024)

My talk show debut :)

Good Morning Emerson: Healthy Living- Face Mask Package (2019)

Directed and Edited By: Henry Black

Talent: Kenya Hunter

100,000 LIFE HACKS (2017)

Henry Black, Des Lombardo, and Michael DePalma use their collective brain power to give YOU 100,000 hacks that will make your life so much simpler!

Council Rock High School North: After Dark (2017)

Everyone knows what a school day is like, but what happens to a high school after the sun goes down? Investigative Journalist Henry Black is sure to let you know.

Dying My Tinder Date's Hair to Match Mine (2021)

I went on a date with a YouTuber and she dyed my hair!

Telephone Drawing Game (2018)

We play the game Telestrations before we knew what the game Telestrations was. 

Evening Black News: The Return of Szechuan Sauce (2017)

It was pure chaos when the Szechuan Sauce came back to McDonalds for one day only, and Henry Black takes you directly on the scene.

Straight White Male Music Video (2017)

Music by Bo Burnham

Directed and Edited By Henry Black

Starring: Sean Stranahan, TJ Ellis, Tom Black, Tyler DeKorte, Esther Kruman, Adam Raymond, Henry Black, Christy Black, Elanora Black

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