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Yolk and Bugle Draw (2022)

A sequel to the 2020 Out of the Cave Animation.

Animated and Directed by Helene Graham

Starring Henry Black and Mike DePalma

Dope Dough Pizza Commercial (2020)

A pizza pie that doubles as an edible? Sign me up!

Starring: Henry Black and Vincente Ramos

Red Mitten (2020)

Created by Helene Graham 

Narrated by Henry Black

Body Bag (2019)

Created By: Antonio Camasmie      

                          and Jamie De Cesare

Starring: Henry Black, Michael DePalma, and

          Max Schwalbach

Sauce Bois (2017)

Directed By: Michael DePalma

Starring: Henry Black, Des Lombardo, Annabelle            Gustat-Karzen

Edited By: Des Lombardo

Out of the Cave Animation (2020)

Written and Animated by Helene Graham

Starring: Michael DePalma and Henry Black

Mind Body Blank Season 2 Trailer (2020)

Although this season of Mind Body Blank had to be cut short because of COVID, we still got to film the trailer!

Smart TV (2019)

Directed and Written By: Antonio Camasmie

Starring: Henry Black, Jacob Solkoff, Michael             DePalma, Antonio Camasmie

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