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I <3 Zombie (2024)

A short film plotted by Henry Black, Navin Bose, and Michael DePalma. After the zombie apocalypse breaks out, an old man tries to turn his old lovely wife into a zombie.

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 5: Ice Wolf Cometh (2023)

Bunny-Man decides Father's Day is the perfect opportunity for Kid Carrot to meet his Grandfather: Ice Wolf!

Project BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 3: The Secret Origin of Kid Carrot (2023)

Kid Carrot receives 2 different versions of his birth, one from his adopted father, Bunny-Man, and the other from his creator, the evil Lizard-Wizard!

That 90s Show Season 2 Ep. 1 SPEC Script: "Welcome Home" (2023)

Leia returns to her grandparents house and wants to have a party with all her friends. Kitty becomes obsessed with the internet, and Eric Foreman meets up with his old buddy Fez at the Wisconsin Star Wars Convention.

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 4: Butler's Day Off (2023)

Butler tries to enjoy a day off with his friends, Bunny-Man tries to make Kid Carrot do superhero work on the weekend. 

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 2: Brain Games (2022)

Bunny-Man and Company attempt to return the dog they accidentally stole from the pet store in episode 1, but end up swapping bodies!

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