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I <3 Zombie (2024)

A short film plotted by Henry Black, Navin Bose, and Michael DePalma. After the zombie apocalypse breaks out, an old man tries to turn his old lovely wife into a zombie.

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 5: Ice Wolf Cometh (2023)

Bunny-Man decides Father's Day is the perfect opportunity for Kid Carrot to meet his Grandfather: Ice Wolf!

Project BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 3: The Secret Origin of Kid Carrot (2023)

Kid Carrot receives 2 different versions of his birth, one from his adopted father, Bunny-Man, and the other from his creator, the evil Lizard-Wizard!

Bob's Burgers SPEC Script (2021)

Bob and his family go to the Curious Culinary Convention where they compete in the Curious Culinary Competition... but get sidetracked along the way! Bob must decide how far he's willing to go to win...

That 90s Show Season 2 Ep. 1 SPEC Script: "Welcome Home" (2023)

Leia returns to her grandparents house and wants to have a party with all her friends. Kitty becomes obsessed with the internet, and Eric Foreman meets up with his old buddy Fez at the Wisconsin Star Wars Convention.

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 4: Butler's Day Off (2023)

Butler tries to enjoy a day off with his friends, Bunny-Man tries to make Kid Carrot do superhero work on the weekend. 

BUNNY-MAN & CO. EP. 2: Brain Games (2022)

Bunny-Man and Company attempt to return the dog they accidentally stole from the pet store in episode 1, but end up swapping bodies!

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